Classic Bechamel Sauce Knorr
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Classic Bechamel Sauce Knorr


Classic Bechamel Sauce Knorr

2 x 20 cl

Classic Bechamel Sauce Knorr

2 x 20 cl

The Béchamel sauce with its Knorr® Nutmeg recipe is a creamy sauce that will delightfully accompany your potato, cauliflower or pasta gratins as well as your lasagna.

The story of Knorr begins in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opens a factory in Heilbronn, whose business is to provide chicory to coffee makers.

He begins to experiment with dehydrating vegetables and seasonings to preserve their flavor. Thus the first Knorr dehydrated soups were introduced throughout continental Europe in 1873

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Weight 90 g

Ingredients: MILK whole: 93%, modified starch, salt, CREAM, MILK protein, whey (MILK), thickeners: methylcellulose, guar gum and carob seed flour, natural extract of nutmeg: 0.02%, extract natural pepper.




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