Soft Bread “100 % Mie” Harry’s
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Soft Bread “100 % Mie” Harry’s


Soft Bread “100 % Mie” Harry’s

the pack of 26 slices – 650 g


Soft Bread “100 % Mie” Harry’s

the pack of 26 slices – 650 g

Discover 100% Mie Nature! A new recipe source of fiber for softer sandwich bread than ever! Why is it good? Because 100% plain bread appeals to everyone

The first factory was created 47 years ago in Châteauroux. Since then, Harry’s have been keen to maintain this local anchorage and maintain five production sites in France, while striving to better respect the planet and the communities around them. 

Additional information

Weight 700 g

WHEAT flour 63%, water, sugar, rapeseed oil, salt, vinegar, yeast, bean flour, WHEAT GLUTEN, flavor (contains alcohol), acerola extract. May contain traces of EGGS, SOYA, MILK, SESAME SEEDS, NUTS.


allergens : Gluten


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