Basmati Masala Rice Taureau Ailé


Basmati Masala Rice Taureau Ailé

250 g bag

Riz, Rice, Reis, Riso, Arroz

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Basmati Masala Rice Taureau Ailé

250 g bag

Take advantage of the expertise of Winged Bull Basmati rice in an express version! Travel with Taureau Ailé ​​for a gourmet break with this intensely flavored recipe. Our recipe is a perfect marriage between our Basmati rice selected from the heart of Indian rice fields and a subtle blend of lemon and herbs.

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Pre-cooked steamed basmati rice 82%, tomato concentrate 7%, vegetables (carrots, onions 1.8%), sunflower oil, coriander leaf 0.5%, sugar, salt, garlic, emulsifiers: carrageenan and lecithin sunflower, lemon juice, garam masala spice mix 0.3% (spices, mango, aromatic plant), paprika concentrate, pepper. Packaged in a protective atmosphere


Allergens : Gluten – egg


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