Belvita Red Fruits Cookies
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Belvita Red Fruits Cookies


Belvita Red Fruits Cookies
5 bags – 250 g

Belvita Red Fruits Cookies

5 bags – 250 g

Cereal and red fruit biscuits enriched with calcium, magnesium and iron, flavored.

A Moelleux with 5 whole grains, ultra tender with inclusions of red fruits

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Cereals 46.1% WHEAT flour 25.5%, whole grains 18% (crushed whole buckwheat 7%, OAT groats 7%, OAT flakes 1%, whole spelled flour (WHEAT) 1%, flour whole grain BARLEY 1%, whole wheat flour 1%), rice flour 2.5%, malted WHEAT flour 0.1%, sugar, rapeseed oil, modified starch, candied dried cranberries 5% (sugar, cranberries 2%, sunflower oil), chicory root fiber, isomaltulose****, humectant (glycerol), minerals (calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, elemental iron), currants 1%, salt, emulsifier (lecithins SOYA), raising agent (sodium carbonates), flavorings, concentrated redcurrant juice 0.3%, WHEAT GLUTEN, dextrose, starch. MAY CONTAIN MILK.


Allergens : Soy – Gluten – Milk
Keep away from heat and moisture.


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