Candies "Gom's" La Pie Qui Chante
Candies “Gom’s” La Pie Qui Chante
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Candies “Gom’s” La Pie Qui Chante


Candies “Gom’s” La Pie Qui Chante

Bag of 265 g

Candies “Gom’s” La Pie Qui Chante

Bag of 265 g

Flavored jelly sweets.

If the magpie talks so much, it is because its candies have a lot of things to say. In this way, with the full weight of its age, that legendary bird
raises its voice to highlight its six loyal friends. Of course, you know them all: Michoko for indulgent, Menthe Claire for freshness, Croq’andise for fruit flavours, Assortiment Royal for festive moments, Stoptou and Gom’s for authentic flavours tastes. Yes, they delight your days and revive good memories. By flying over decades, who knows where La Pie qui Chante can take us?

Additional information

Weight 360 g

Ingredient (s): Glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agent (gum acacia 6%), gelatin, starch, flavorings, colorings (E161b, E120, E153, E133), molasses, liquorice extract.


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