Candies Têtes Brulées Ki’Splash

the 120 g bag

Acid-coated confectionery

Flavored confectionery colored with vegetable concentrates, lemon-lime, cola, blackberry-strawberry, peach-apricot flavors.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

glucose syrup (EU); sugar ; modified starch ; acidifiers: malic acid and citric acid; acidity correctors: sodium malates and sodium citrates; gelling agent: carrageenans; Natural aromas ; coloring concentrates of apple, pumpkin, paprika, carrot, radish, lemon, blackcurrant, elderberry, spirulina and safflower; caramelized sugar syrup; natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors; natural citrus flavor. Wheat starch.


Allergens : Gluten


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