Chinois With Cream La Fournée Dorée


Brioche Chinois With Cream “La Fournée Dorée”


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Brioche Chinois With Cream “La Fournée Dorée”

6 X 50g

Brioches made by La Fournée Dorée are mouth-watering and delicately scented, and have all the sweet simplicity of really enjoyable afternoon snacks. Eat them plain, in true gourmet style! They need no other ingredients to be enjoyed.

A “Navette” or portion of “Chinois” make the most delicious snacks. Yield to the temptation of their moist texture and authentic taste. Because it uses only top quality ingredients such as fresh butter, cream and “crème pâtssière”, La Fournée Dorée is able to produce melt-in-the-mouth brioches of incomparable flavour.

As an additional guarantee for consumers, La Fournée Dorée sets itself strict rules in terms of traceability.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Pastry cream 35% (water, sugar, processed starch, fresh egg whites , whole milk powder , whey powder, natural flavorings, flavoring, maltodextrin, thickener (xanthan gum), coloring (beta carotene)), flour Wheat , fondant (sugar, glucose syrup, water), sugar, fresh whole eggs , concentrated butter , vegetable oils and fats (palm, rapeseed), invert sugar syrup, yeast, fresh egg whites , salt, natural flavor (contains alcohol) gluten of wheat , emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, diacetyl tartaric esters of mono- and mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), flavoring, powdermilk skimmed, protein milk , preservative (calcium propionate), deactivated yeast, coloring (beta carotene). Traces of nuts.

allergens : Lactose Gluten eggs


Store in a cool, dry place and close the bag well after use

To be eaten plain, or topped with jam or chocolate paste


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