Chocolate Hazelnuts & Toffee Milka


Chocolate Hazelnuts & Toffee Milka

300 g

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Chocolate Hazelnuts & Toffee Milka

300 g

Milka Caramel and Whole Hazelnuts 300g, an extra gourmet bar combining whole hazelnuts and a milk confectioner’s cream covered with a fondant caramel coulis; all coated with Milka milk chocolate from the Alpine Country. 

Philippe Suchard founds his confectionery in Neuchâtel , Switzerland onNovember 17, 1825. He proposes fresh and new desserts , “with the fine chocolate of his factory” .

His chocolate does not contain any milk . In 1875, Daniel Peter created the milk chocolate Suchard also marketed from the 1890s .

In 1901, the trademark “Milka” was registered. It is generally considered that the word “Milka” is the association of the German words Mil ch und Ka kao (“milk and cocoa”), although at the time, people thought it was a tribute to Carl Russ-Suchard to performances of Wagner’s operas by Milka Ternina , a famous Croatian soprano.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

Ingredient (s): Sugar, palm fat, cocoa butter, skim milk powder, hazelnuts, whey powder (milk), cocoa mass, glucose syrup, concentrated bitter, sweet concentrated skim milk, humectant (glycerol) , emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), invert sugar syrup, caramelized sugar, flavorings, salt. 7.5% skimmed milk powder in cream confectioner's milk filling .. MAY CONTAIN WHEAT AND OTHER FRUIT SHELL ..


allergens : Soybeans – Lactose – Nuts


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