Dry Pork Sausage Cochonou
Dry Pork Sausage Cochonou
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Dry Pork Sausage Cochonou


Dry Pork Sausage Cochonou


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Dry Pork Sausage Cochonou


Cochonou puts all its know-how into this top quality 100% pure pork sausage, made in Rhône-Alpes

Covered with a beautiful white flower, dried just right, salted and spiced just right. Fluffy on the palate and sweet to taste.

Here is the exclusive recipe that makes Cochonou sausage an indispensable part of our French culinary heritage.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

Ingredients: French pork, salt, LACTOSE, dextrose, spices, sugar, preservative: potassium nitrate, ferments.
There may be FRUIT SHELL.
155 g of meat used for the preparation of 100 g of finished product.


allergens : Lactose


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