Duo Green & Butter Beans D'Aucy
Duo Green & Butter Beans D’Aucy
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Duo Green & Butter Beans D’Aucy


Duo Green & Butter Beans D’Aucy

225 g

Duo Green & Butter Beans D’Aucy

225 g

Grown in the field by the farmers of our cooperative. Selected for their finesse.

The history of d’aucy began in Brittany in 1965.
In 1979, d’aucy became part of a cooperative enterprise.

Today, and for almost 50 years now, aucy has been trying to offer you the best of its vegetables, whether they are canned, frozen or in our prepared dishes.

It is always from the heart of his native Brittany that aucy works every day with its 1500 farmers-members to produce your vegetables, because these are mostly produced in the region and in France.

From the field to the plate, aucy meticulously follows the path of all the vegetables he offers and thus commits himself to the traceability of all his products.

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After opening: "Store in refrigerator and consume within 48 hours"


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