Almonds Financiers Bonne Maman


Almonds Financiers “Bonne Maman”
bag of 10 – 250 g

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Almonds Financiers “Bonne Maman”
bag of 10 – 250 g

A family business created by Jean Gervoson, Bonne Maman goes from father to son, continuing his quest for flavors in the service of jam. His first jams are made with the unsold plums of his father-in-law, market gardener, and the name of the brand comes from the nickname given to his grandmother.

In 1997, Bonne Maman developed her business by throwing cookies and cakes. Always the same recipe for healthy products, usually fresh, with the least preservatives possible.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

Financiers almonds
Ingredients: sugar, egg whites, fresh BUTTER, 15% ALMOND powder, soft wheat flour, honey, salt, vanilla natural flavors (contains alcohol) and bitter almonds, emulsifier: lecithins (SOJA).
Traces of other nuts


keep dry and protected from heat


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