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Apéritif Berger Blanc
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Apéritif Berger Blanc


Apéritif Berger Blanc

Aniseed spirit drink – the bottle of 1 l

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Apéritif Berger Blanc

Aniseed spirit drink – the bottle of 1 l

The story Berger is linked to that of the green fairy (the absinthe), called “la blanche” after dilution in fresh water, then after the First World War with the anise green Berger 45 (1933), or during the Second War with a revolutionary Berger without alcohol, shortage requires, then with the pastis Berger (1947), called “the yellow” and the White Shepherd who is completely colorless since 1933.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g

Aniseed spirit drink

Water, alcohol, sugar, natural extract of anise 2 ‰, natural plant extract.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
Selling or offering to minors under the age of eighteen (18) alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
Not recommended for pregnant women.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small amounts,
can have serious consequences on the health of the child.

Keep in a temperate environment.
A temperature lower than 16 ° may cause flakes of white color to appear. Reversible phenomenon.


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