Cachou Lajaunie Liquorice Candy
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Cachou Lajaunie Liquorice Candy


Cachou Lajaunie Liquorice Candy

the 2 boxes of 6 g

Cachou Lajaunie Liquorice Candy

the 2 boxes of 6 g

1880, Léon LAJAUNIE, a pharmacist in Toulouse, had among his customers smokers, drivers, people who coughed and others with dental hygiene and oral + doubtful who complained of their breath-taking

To please all these people, Léon likes to make mixes, as the pharmacists of the time know so well … liquorice that keeps a stream of saliva, resin Lentisque (At the time the dentist used it to obliterate the cavities of decayed teeth and made toothpastes), powdered Iris, mint because it has a hot and pungent flavor, and the feeling of freshness is accompanied by a momentary anesthesia (for rotten teeth ….): p To give consistency to all this, it adds (among others) lactose, water, starch and gelatin, mixing all this it gets a brown paste, it leaves dry and then cuts the dough once dry in small squares.  Léon has just invented the cachou Lajaunie !!

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Liquorice, sugar, corn starch, LACTOSE, cachou powder, iris powder, natural mint flavor, color (E153), vegetable fat, lentisk resin, gelatin, coating agent (wax carnauba). Contains licorice.

allergens : Lactose


Keep away from heat and moisture.


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