Chicken With Tarragon And Pasta La Belle Chaurienne


Chicken With Tarragon and pasta La Belle Chaurienne

the 300g container

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Chicken With Tarragon and pasta La Belle Chaurienne

the 300g container

Do you know who Chaureans and Chauriennes are? They are the inhabitants of Castelnaudary, small town of Aude in the south of France, between Toulouse and Carcassonne, famous all over the world for its famous cassoulet.

La Belle Chaurienne is therefore aptly named since, installed for 50 years in this beautiful city, it is the main standard bearer of its gastronomic know-how. Indeed, there are cassoulets of La Belle Chaurienne everywhere in France!

Additional information

Weight 450 g

Pre-cooked pasta seasoned 46.7%: water, pasta (durum wheat semolina, egg white), rapeseed oil, salt, pre-cooked chicken origin France 26%. Cooked sauce: water, cream 11% of total net weight (cream of MILK origin EU, stabilizer: carrageenan), BLE flour, white wine, onions, salt, tarragon 0.11% of total net weight, vinegar, pepper, oil of sunflower. (% expressed in the casing).
No preservatives added.

allergens : Lactose / Gluten / Eggs


Conditioned under protective atmosphere.

Before opening, store at room temperature.

Microwave: pierce the lid with a fork and heat for 2 min maximum power. Water bath: immerse the closed tray in simmering water for 8 min. Pass under cold water before opening. Warning ! Do not put this plate in the traditional oven!


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