Soap – Savon de Marseille 72% Oil Maître Savon


“Savon de Marseille” 72% Oil Maître Savon

300 g

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“Savon de Marseille” 72% Oil Maître Savon

300 g

Marseille, a hub of commerce, became in the 17th century the main production site of soap in France, followed by Salon-de-Provence, and then by Toulon.

In 1688, Louis XIV laid down, by means of an Edict of Colbert, the rules which institutionalised Marseilles soap : besides the heating in great cauldrons, it was compulsory to use as vegetable oils only pure olive oil. Every animal fat was forbidden. Those who did not obey risked banishment from Provence! This Edict allowed Marseille soap to win the fame which it was never to lose…

Additional information

Weight 400 g

Sodium palmate, aqua (water), sodium palm kermelate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.
No animal fat, no perfume, no coloring.


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