Landerneau Crepes Le Ster
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Landerneau Crepes Le Ster


Landerneau Crepes Le Ster

12 Pancakes – 300 g bag

Landerneau Crepes Le Ster

12 Pancakes – 300 g bag

What if you let yourself be won over by Brittany?

The Landerneau crepe offers a unique flavor that brings back memories of a Breton trip, a recipe that respects the traditional ingredients which gives it its comforting taste!

Our Crêpe de Landerneau is renowned for its fine texture and is made from quality ingredients such as French wheat flour, free-range eggs and fresh French milk.

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Ingredients fresh whole MILK (35%), CRC WHEAT flour (28%), Sugar, extra-fresh EGGS (10%), pastry BUTTER (7%), salt, CRC buckwheat flour (0.4%)
Allergens: Gluten – egg – Milk


Allergens : Gluten – egg – Milk


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