Natural Cod Liver Connetable


Natural Cod Liver Connetable with Guérande Salt

121 g

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Natural Cod Liver Connetable with Guérande Salt

121 g

Rich in omega 3 and vitamins D, plain cod liver (not smoked) will bring you nutritional benefits and indulgence. Prepared from wild fish, it is ideal on toast of toast. Served chilled, it will be even better! The oil in the box is the liver oil naturally released during sterilization. 

The oldest sardine canning factory in the world, since 1853 Connétable has been combining quality fish with fine and varied recipes to offer gourmands ever more delicious products.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Ingredients: COD liver and its naturally liberated oil, Guerande salt 0.6%


allergens : Fish


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