Orange Soda Orangina


Orange soda Orangina

the bottle of 1,5L
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Orange soda Orangina

the bottle of 1,5L
In 1935, Léon Beton meets at the Foire de Marseille Dr. Trigo Mirallès, a Spanish pharmacist, who has just developed a formula based on concentrate and essential oils of oranges. Convinced by its potential, Léon Beton then has the idea to create a new drink, drawn from this formula. In this way, he imagines a ready-to-drink soda that mixes a concentrate of juice and orange pulp, a little essential oils and slightly carbonated water. A year later, he markets the first bottles of Orangina, “Naranjina soda”

Additional information

Weight 1700 g

Ingredients: carbonated water, orange juice and other citrus fruits based on 12% concentrates (orange 10%, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit), sugar, 2% pulp (orange, tangerine), orange peel extract, preservatives: sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, natural orange flavors.


Keep away from the sun and heat.


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