Tartiflette Flavor Crisps Bret’s
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Tartiflette Flavor Crisps Bret’s


Tartiflette Flavor Crisps Bret’s

125g pack
Bret’s, Brets, chips, crisps, Patatas Fritas, Patatine

Tartiflette Flavor Crisps Bret’s

125g pack

Brets continues the discovery of French and regional flavors with the iconic tartiflette, promising us a stay in the mountains. A reference to eating all year round without guilt

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Potatoes (France) (61.9%), sunflower oil (31%), processed cheese powder (3.1%), salt, corn flour, natural flavors, onion powder (0.6%) , small MILK powder, turmeric, white pepper.


Conditioned under protective atmosphere. Keep away from heat and moisture.


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