Tuna Rillettes Petit Navire


Tuna Rillettes Petit Navire

125 g

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Tuna Rillettes Petit Navire

125 g

Delicious tuna rillettes, easy to spread quite simply on bread or to incorporate into your culinary creations for the aperitif.

In 1932, Paul-Édouard Paulet (born in 1897), director of the Crédit Nantais de Douarnenez, reconverted by buying a factory Hyacinthe Parmentier in default of payment and chose the new name of “Small Ship” . The logo of the new brand is chosen: a sailboat sardine boat sailing under gulls.

In 1935, Paul Paulet set up a quality charter and the redistribution to employees of the profits of the company in the form of participation.

The same year, he opened factories in Ile-d’Yeu and Saint-Jean-de-Luz to be closer to the fishing ports. Paul Paulet invented the “fryer” or frying ready to work, to cook sardines, prevent fermentation and allow consistent production throughout the year.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

TUNA (52%), water, rapeseed oil, vegetable fiber, salt, powdered EGG white, MILK proteins , flavoring, thickeners: carrageenans, carob seed meal.


Allergens : egg – Lactose – Fish


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