Apple & Chesnut Pom'Potes Materne
Apple & Chesnut Pom’Potes Materne
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Apple & Chesnut Pom’Potes Materne


Apple & Chesnut Pom’Potes Materne

4 X 90g

Apple & Chesnut Pom’Potes Materne

4 X 90g

POM’POTES: Gourds to consume at any time of the day!
Pom’Potes is committed to responsible agriculture while offering quality products, respecting the rules of nutrition, for the well-being and pleasure of children!

Materne is committed to everyday to offer you the best fruit.
So, of course, take care of the fruits, Materne has always done it: its farmers are passionate, the quality of its fruity creations is controlled according to strict specifications throughout their development, its recipes are adjusted according to the typicality of each fruit … so that you only have to savor the true taste of the fruits, alone or in family!

Additional information

Weight 500 g

apple 89.2% (puree and concentrated purée), sugar, chestnut 3.9%, water, natural flavors, natural vanilla extract, lemon juice (if necessary to regulate acidity), antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acidifier: citric acid.


Before opening: store at room temperature.


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