Armenia Paper – Triple – Set of 5
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Armenia Paper – Triple – Set of 5


Armenia Paper – Triple – Set of 5

Armenia Paper – Triple – Set of 5

Born more than 120 years ago, the famous Papier d’Armenie contains detachable strips of scented brown paper. Its artisanal manufacture is strictly based on the original methods and still takes place in the Montrouge workshop. Its 1885 formula remains unchanged, but its color is now off-white, in harmony with that of the “Armenia” and “La Rose” .

Detach a strip, fold it in the shape of an accordion, place it in a burner, light it by blowing lightly to avoid igniting it because it must burn slowly.

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Armenia paper is used by burning only one detachable strip at a time

It can also be used without being burned. Simply placed in a cupboard or drawer, it will give off a soft and sweet fragrance…
The unique smell of small brown paper owes all its merit to Benzoin resin.


Armenia Paper – Triple – Set of 5


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