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BN Mini Strawberry Biscuits
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BN Mini Strawberry Biscuits


Strawberry flavor cookies BN

5 packs of 35 g

Strawberry flavor cookies BN

5 packs of 35 g

The “Biscuiterie nantaise” is a biscuit factory historically located in Nantes.
The factory is known to have produced during the two world wars the famous war bread, the “hard bread”, intended to feed soldiers at the front.

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Ingredients: CEREALS (45.2%) (WHEAT flour (45%), RYE flour) – sugar – vegetable fat (palm) – stabilizers: sorbitol, glycerol – concentrated strawberry pulp (5% strawberry equivalent) – LACTOSE and protein MILK – acidity correctors: citric acid, trisodium citrate – salt – baking powders: sodium and ammonium carbonates – color – dye: beetroot red – gelling agent: pectin – whole MILK powder – emulsifier: e 472 e. may contain traces of nuts and soya


Store in a cool, dry place


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