“Brasserie” Burger Bread Jacquet


“Brasserie” Hamburger Bread Jacquet

the package of 4 – 330 g

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“Brasserie” Hamburger Bread Jacquet

the package of 4 – 330 g

Special bread with sliced ​​and prepackaged wheat

Jacquet Brossard, a know-how of more than 100 breads and cakes : Bread breads, bread sandwiches (hamburger, hot dog, pita, kebab), breads to finish, festive breads, rusks … more than 50 references to the Jacquet brand .

Additional information

Weight 380 g

BLE flour (72%), water, rapeseed oil, yeast, flavoring (contains alcohol), salt, fermented cornmeal, deactivated and dehydrated RYE leaven, deactivated and dehydrated BLE sprout, GLUTEN DE BLE, extract acerola.


allergens : Gluten


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