Cheddar Cheese Président


Cheddar  Cheese Président

the pack of 20 slices – 340 g

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Cheddar  Cheese Président

the pack of 20 slices – 340 g

All the pleasure of a Burger ‘slice with a melting texture and the good taste of Cheddar and Emmental.

The brand was created in 1933 by André Besnier who by then was already a leading figure in the French dairy business. Explaining the name’s French context, Besnier explained that “France is the land of presidents, everyone is a president: of a club of fishermen, of bowlers, of veterans”. « La France est le pays des Présidents, tout le monde est président! De l’association de pêche, des boulistes, des anciens combattants. » (Presidential government had also enjoyed a higher profile in France since the return to power as president, in 1958, of leading president Charles de Gaulle.)

Additional information

Weight 400 g

Ingredients: Cheese Cheeses (MILK, salt, ferments, preservative: EGG lysosyme), Emmental 7% and Cheddar 7%, reconstituted skim milk, butter (MILK), whey (MILK), MILK proteins, cast iron salts (E452 , E450), thickener (E407), flavor (MILK), salt, preservative (E202), color (Rocou).


allergens : egg – Lactose


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