Concentrated Mint & Liquorice Antésite
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Concentrated Mint & Liquorice Antésite


Concentrated Mint & Liquorice Antésite

Bottle of 13cl

Concentrated Mint & Liquorice Antésite

Bottle of 13cl
Thirst-quencher with natural extracts, no sugars and no sweeteners.
A few drops are enough to flavor a glass! To be enjoyed in fresh water in summer, hot in winter, and in the kitchen all year round.

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Water, liquorice aroma, natural star anise aroma, natural aromas, gentian extract.


After opening, store in its original packaging in order to protect from light and heat. Do not store in the refrigerator. Shake before use: the presence of a slight deposit linked to the plant constituents of the product in no way affects its taste and its use.


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