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Apéritif Wild Gentian Suze
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Apéritif Wild Gentian Suze


Apéritif Wild gentian Suze

the bottle of 100 cl

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Apéritif Wild gentian Suze

the bottle of 100 cl

In 1885, Fernand Moureaux inherited a family distillery in Maisons- Alfort.  In order to rescue the company from the brink of bankruptcy, he joined forces with Henri Porte, his bank manager’s son, to create a new aperitif. The two men believed in the future of chilled aperitifs and the power of a brand, so together they strove to create a new sort of aperitif, going against the grain of what was fashionable at the time: instead of basing their aperitif on wine, they used a plant — gentian!

Additional information

Weight 1600 g

Fermented drink with gentian

Suze Tonic:
Directly in a glass filled with ice cubes pour:
-4 cl of Suze or Suze Flavor of Formerly
-8 cl Tonic-
ice cubes


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
Selling or offering to minors under the age of eighteen (18) alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
Not recommended for pregnant women.


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