Multi-Grain Bread Mix Francine


Homemade Multi-Grain Bread Mix Francine

1,5 kg

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Homemade Multi-Grain Bread Mix Francine

1,5 kg

In 1965, eight large regional flour mills came together to create one national flour brand! This is how Francine, born from the contraction of “France” and “Farine”, was born. The brand began by marketing products that have become unavoidable: Wheat Flour (1965) and Flour Flour (1968).

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Weight 1600 g

Ingredients: BLE flour, brown flaxseed, RYE flour, WHEAT GLUTEN, yellow flaxseed, sugar, millet seeds, poppy seeds, dehydrated and deactivated RY starters, barley malt, flour: ascorbic acid, enzyme. Cereals: 86.5%, Seeds: 10.5%. POSSIBLE PRESENCE OF SOY, SESAME SEED, MILK, EGG


allergens : Soybean – Sesame – Gluten – Egg – Lactose – Nuts


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