Honey Cereals Miel Pops


Honey Cereals Miel Pops

400 g

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Honey Cereals Miel Pops

400 g

At breakfast, do you like to please your child while being sure to give him a simple and balanced diet?

Let him discover Miel Pops, delicious popcorn balls coated with good honey, tender in the mouth. A simple and tasty recipe that your child will love, within a balanced breakfast with a dairy product and a fruit.

In 1868, Nestlé made its appearance in France, with the opening in Paris of the sales agency for Henri Nestlé’s Swiss Milk Flours.

Additional information

Weight 450 g

Ingredients: Corn flour (74%), sugar, honey (5%), glucose syrup, corn fiber, salt, barley malt extract, dye (carotenoids),
vitamins and minerals: tricalcium phosphate, vitamins (niacin) , B6, B2, B1, folic acid, D, B12), iron. Allergens: see ingredients in capitals. May contain: Gluten from other cereals.


May contain: Gluten from other cereals.


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