Pitch Strawberry Donuts Pasquier


Pitch Strawberry Donuts “Pasquier”

8 donuts of 38.75 g

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Pitch Strawberry Donuts “Pasquier”

8 donuts of 38.75 g

Everything starts in 1936, at Cerqueux, a small town in Maine et Loire. Louise and Gabriel Pasquier, the bakers of the village, make bread and pastries in their bakery, as well as a brioche known throughout the region. When Gabriel Pasquier died in the early 70’s, his five sons took over the family business and decided to go and offer their briochette, protected by a bag, in supermarkets. The idea is revolutionary for the time and meets a real success.

Additional information

Weight 530 g

Ingredients: 30% BLE flour – strawberry filling 28% glucose-fructose syrup – sugar – strawberry purée 4.2% – concentrated strawberry purée 1.4% (total equivalent to 5.5% strawberry purée ) – apple puree 1.2% – gelling agent: pectin – natural flavors – concentrated juice purple carrot dye – concentrated lemon juice – sugar – sourdough 9% (5% wheat flour, water, salt) – fresh EGGS 7% – rapeseed oil – yeast – BUTTER BUTTER – psyllium fiber – emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids – salt – GLUTEN of BLE – thickener: carob seed meal – antioxidant: ascorbic acid – MILK protein. This product contains BLE, EGGS, MILK and GLUTEN. This product may have been in contact with soybean, peanut and nuts.


To be consumed preferably before the date indicated on the packaging. This product should be stored in a dry and temperate place. Close the bag well after use.


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