Madeira Sauce Knorr
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Madeira Sauce Knorr


Madeira Sauce Knorr

box of 200 g

Madeira Sauce Knorr

box of 200 g

Melt for Knorr ® Madeira sauce, an essential product that will become your little secret for even tastier dishes! 

Thanks to this creamy sauce, rediscover a great classic of brown sauces. Knorr® Madeira Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to grilled ham. 

Convenient to enhance and sublimate your culinary preparations.

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Ingredients: water, Madeira wine: 6.5% (including SULPHITES), modified corn starch, tomato¹, concentrated BUTTER, flavorings (including smoke flavoring), MILK proteins, salt, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, sugar , yeast extract, coloring: ordinary caramel. ¹Vegetables from sustainable agriculture: 2.9%.


Conservation / Store between 2°C and 25°C


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