Onion Confit Lucien Georgelin
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Onion Confit Lucien Georgelin


Onion Confit Lucien Georgelin

150 g jar

Onion Confit Lucien Georgelin

150 g jar

Lucien Georgelin, the jam manufacturer for over 30 years !
Lucien Georgelin started his business by going to local markets and small grocery stores. He then successfully expanded with the collaboration of a daring banker who felt passionate for these local jam products, on the hills of the town Marmande. His favorite of all was a strawberry jam, that later went on to win medals.

Only in the heart of a small county in the south west of France, on a sunny land generous in flavors and colors, that the Family confectionery Lucien Georgelin could begin its story.

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Ingredients: Ingredients: Onions 65%, sugar, caramel (sugar, water), red wine vinegar, white wine, alcohol vinegar, gelling agent: pectins, salt, pepper.


Before opening, store at room temperature. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 14 days.


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