Sticks & Pretzel Snacks Ancel
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Sticks & Pretzel Snacks Ancel


Sticks & Pretzel Snacks Ancel

the package of 137 g


Sticks & Pretzel Snacks Ancel

Box of 137 g

Made with the greatest respect for the Alsatian tradition, cleverly sprinkled with small grains of salt, the Sticks and Pretzels of Alsace ancel have this authentic taste, this beautiful golden color and this irresistible crispness that make the happiness of all, small and great. These are the essential of an authentic and warm aperitif.

Additional information

Weight 230 g

Assorted Sticks and Pretzels of Alsace 137g

WHEAT flour , BARLEY malt extract , 3.2% sunflower oil, salt, yeast, acidity regulator (sodium hydroxide)

allergens : Gluten


Keep away from heat and moisture.


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