Alsa Caramel Rice Cake Mix – 2 parts

400  g box

At Alsa®, we want to rhyme pastry, pleasure and indulgence and leave only the best for our consumers: the joy and pride of finalizing their desserts. Alsa® is the ideal partner for your daily desserts and your festive moments. With our wide range of pastry helpers and desserts to prepare, beginners as well as experienced can create a moment of sharing and gourmet pleasure with family or friends.

In 1897, Emile founded the company Alsa and moved to Nancy. His wife, Elisabeth, energetic and hardworking woman, dreams one day of an Alsatian wearing a cap beside a stork. This is the trigger, since the pink bags take as emblems an Alsatian.

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Alsa® is full of love in the making of her recipes and selects good ingredients: For the preparation of the rice cake (158 g): sugar, rice: 32%, of the corn starch, a gelling agent: carrageenan, corn oil, flavorings and dyes: riboflavin and annatto. May contain: gluten, milk, egg. With 15% caramel (27 g): caramel (sugar, water).


Allergens : Milk – Eggs – Gluten


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