Belin Nature Chipster
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Belin Nature Chipster


Belin Nature Chipster

the box of 75g

Belin Nature Chipster

the box of 75g

Belin bends over backwards for your aperitifs: round or square, Frenchips or Monaco, Belin biscuits adapt to all tastes. You can enjoy it with family and friends, to share a warm and friendly moment!

Additional information

Weight 160 g

Flakes (contains SULFITES) and 75% potato starch, palm oil, salt, lactose (MILK), flavoring, onion powder, MILK PROTEINS, chicken powder 0.1%, acidity correctors (chloride potassium, calcium phosphates), antioxidant (rosemary extract), acidifier (citric acid), turmeric, white pepper. MAY CONTAIN WHEAT.

allergens : Lactose


Keep away from heat and moisture.


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