Salt & Vinegar Crisps Bret’s


Salt & Vinegar Crisps “Bret’s”

The bag of 125g

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Salt & Vinegar Crisps “Bret’s”

The bag of 125g

Brittany crisps is Alain Glon’s crazy bet in 1995. At the time, the brand-new factory had only one production line and 16 employees for an annual production of 800 tons of crisps.

Additional information

Weight 190 g

Corrugated potato chips with salt and vinegar flavor
Potatoes, sunflower oil, flavoring base Salt and vinegar wheat flour,
acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, sugar, acidifying agents: citric acid malic acid,
malt vinegar powder ( GLUTEN), salt.
Made in a workshop that uses: milk, celery, mustard.


Conditioned under protective atmosphere. Keep away from heat and moisture.


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