Original Drink Tropico 1,25 l
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Original Drink Tropico 1,25 l


Original Drink Tropico 1,25 l

the bottle of 1.25 l

Original Drink Tropico 1,5 l

the bottle of 1.25 l

Refreshing drink with fruit and spring water, flavored, without bubbles, with a fruit content of 13.4%

Created in 1982 , Tropico is a brand of refreshing drinks with fruit nectar and spring water – soda – non- carbonated . It is distributed in catering and mass distribution in France and Belgium .

Until 2018, Tropico belongs to Folliet-Tropico (formerly Cafés Folliet), a French family business headquartered in Chambéry .

The brand is focused on children and adolescents . The Tropico range includes 3 flagship fragrances: Tropico Exotic, Tropico Rio and Tropico Iced Tea Peach.

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Ingredients : spring water, fruit juice with concentrates 13.4% (orange and pineapple), sugar, acidifier: citric acid, flavors, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, coloring: beta carotene


keep away from sunlight and heat. after opening to keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days


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