Cooked Burgundy Beef Stew William Saurin


Cooked Burgundy beef stew William Saurin

the plate of 300 g

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Cooked Burgundy beef stew William Saurin

the plate of 300 g

In 1898, Emmanuel Adolphe William Seurin (1872-1937) said “William Saurin” opened a grocery store in Saint-Mandé. The company is developing rapidly using the appertisation (named after the inventor of the canned food, Nicolas Appert) for the manufacture of canned stews and jams. It remains family until 1979, when Vincent Saurin resells to Lesieur.

Additional information

Weight 450 g

Vegetables: pre-cooked potatoes (28%), carrots, onions.

Sauce: water, red wine, tomato concentrate, processed corn starch, pork blood, flavorings (including MILK, smoke flavor), sugar, shallots, salt, rapeseed oil, garlic, thyme, pepper.

Meat (25%): Prepared cured beef (salt, stabilizers: E451, E452).
Beef meat of European Union origin.

allergens : Lactose / Sulfites / Gluten


To be consumed preferably before the date inscribed on the product. Store at room temperature


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