Organic Red Wine Vinegar
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Organic Red Wine Vinegar


Organic Red Wine Vinegar Cauvin

the bottle of 25cl

Organic Red Wine Vinegar Cauvin

the bottle of 25cl

Since 1951, Cauvin is exploring the world looking for tasty oils. The secret ?
The tasters of elites. Bold explorers, demanding assemblers, bottlers experts, they are making bold, know-how and boundless curiosity to stir your taste buds!
Their mission: you delight and surprise you with natural or organics oils concocted in respect for the original product and selected for their taste.
It’s in Nîmes lands the oils, from a responsible trade, are conditioned. Each year they unveil new flavors: a gourmet tradition that feeds the legend of tasters of elite!

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organic red wine vinegar Cauvin 25cl

Red wine vinegar from organic grapes, preservative:
potassium metabisulphite

allergens : sulfites


Optimum storage between 12 and 25 ° C


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