Galette Des Rois Frangipane Pasquier

Box of 400g (6 Slices)

Spend some time with your family around Galettes des Rois Brioche Pasquier. For dessert or snack, discover our gourmet recipes and collect Asterix beans.

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Ingredients: Ingredients: Frangipane cream 39% (sugar, pastry BUTTER, ALMONDS * powder 5.8%, water, WHEAT flour, fresh EGGS, skimmed MILK powder, baking powders: sodium carbonates and sodium citrates, flavoring natural almond) – WHEAT flour – Baking butter – Water – Whey (MILK) and MILK proteins – Fresh EGGS – Salt – Flour treatment agent: L-cysteine. * Almonds from California. This product contains: BUTTER, ALMONDS, WHEAT, EGGS, MILK.


Allergens : Gluten – egg – Lactose – Nuts


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