Galette Des Rois Frangipane Pasquier

Box of 400g (6 Slices)

Spend a family moment around the Galettes Brioche Pasquier. For dessert or afternoon tea, discover our gourmet recipes and collect Super Mario beans.

Additional information

Weight 600 g

Ingredients: Ingredients: Frangipane cream 39% (sugar, pastry BUTTER, ALMONDS * powder 5.8%, water, WHEAT flour, fresh EGGS, skimmed MILK powder, baking powders: sodium carbonates and sodium citrates, flavoring natural almond) – WHEAT flour – Baking butter – Water – Whey (MILK) and MILK proteins – Fresh EGGS – Salt – Flour treatment agent: L-cysteine. * Almonds from California. This product contains: BUTTER, ALMONDS, WHEAT, EGGS, MILK.


Allergens : Gluten – egg – Lactose – Nuts


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