Heudebert Rusks XL
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Heudebert Rusks XL


Heudebert Rusks XL

the pack of 102 – 830 g

Heudebert Rusks XL

the pack of 102 – 830 g

According to legend, in 1903, artisan baker Charles Heudebert had the idea of ​​preparing a new recipe for biscuits by baking the unsold bread from his family bakery after having sliced ​​it.

This is how the biscotte was born:
bis-cotto, “cooked twice”!

Even today in our factories our rusks are cooked twice!

Additional information

Weight 950 g

WHEAT flour 96.4%, palm oil, sugar, yeast, salt, emulsifiers (E471, E481), flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid). MAY CONTAIN EGG, MILK, SESAME.


allergens : Gluten


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