Pomegranate Energy Drink Perrier Energize

Pack of 6 cans of 33cl

Organic energy drink, carbonated with infusion of intense mate and caffeine, flavored. Pomegranate flavor.

PERRIER Energize is PERRIER’s new Bio energizing drink, made with caffeine from green beans, to give you a little refreshing boost. This drink is low in calories. Quickly discover our 3 delicious flavors.


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Ingredients: Carbonated natural mineral water 92%, organic sugar, intense infusion of organic green mate 1.9%, acidifier: citric acid, natural acai flavor, caffeine extracted from organic green coffee beans 0.03%, natural flavor of raspberry, natural pomegranate flavor.


Low in calories., With natural water from PERRIER., Certified organic drink., 3 delicious flavors to discover.


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