Ricola Menthol Pastilles

the box of 50 g

In 1924 , Emil Richterich bought a bakery in Laufon. Among the hundred or so specialties made in this business is the “boule à cinq”, a candy with a caramel flavor.

In 1930 , the entrepreneur founded the confectionery factory ”  RIchterich & CO . THE UFEN “. This company name later gives the acronym RICOLA.

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Menthol Swiss Sugar-Free Plant Candy with Sweeteners
Ingredients: isomalt, menthol, extract (0.2%) of eucalyptus and the mixture of 13 Ricola plants, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-K), natural eucalyptus flavor, coloring ( chlorophylls)


Keep away from heat and moisture.


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