“Selection Terroir ” Sausage Milhau
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“Selection Terroir ” Sausage Milhau


“Selection Terroir ” Sausage Milhau

250 g

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“Selection Terroir ” Sausage Milhau

250 g

An extra-lean Dry Sausage with an authentic taste, made according to a traditional method in natural casing. Its guaranteed “Origin France” pork meat, its coarse chopping, its whole peppercorns, its frank aromas give it all its authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 350 g

Salami Red Label:
Pork Red Label, salt, lactose, sugar, dextrose, spices, preservative: potassium nitrate, ferments, natural pork casing. Spangle powder: calcium carbonate, talc. 156 g meat implementation for 100 g of finished product.


Product subject to drying.

recommended storage temperature + 18 ° C maximum.


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