Herbal Court-Bouillon Broth Maggi
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Herbal Court-Bouillon Broth Maggi


Herbal Court-Bouillon Broth Maggi

the 8 tablets

Herbal Court-Bouillon Broth Maggi

8 tablets

A small 100% vegetable cube with a lemon and herbal taste.

Give a delicate and fragrant note to your fish and shellfish with the Lemon Court-bouillon & touch of herbs. Nothing like it to give freshness and enhance your dishes without fat.

Additional information

Weight 160 g

Ingredients: salt, vegetable fats (palm, fully hydrogenated palm), acidifier: citric acid, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, vegetables (carrot, onion), spice and herbs (laurel, thyme, oregano, pepper, CELERY seeds) , white wine: 1.8%, potato starch, herbs: 0.8% (basil, parsley), flavors, yeast extract.


Allergens : Celery


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