Organic Pure Beef Ravioli Zapetti
Organic Pure Beef Ravioli Zapetti
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Organic Pure Beef Ravioli Zapetti


Pure Beef Ravioli Zapetti

800 g Tin

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Organic Pure Beef Ravioli Zapetti

800 g Tin

Zapetti is committed to ORGANIC and launches a pure organic beef ravioli with whole wheat dough, no preservatives, no added sugars and no coloring for a complete, healthy and nutritionally balanced meal.

Zapetti has long been committed to a natural approach to the development and continuous improvement of its revenues.

Zapetti recipes are additive free, artificial colorant and preservative free . The only natural color sometimes present in some recipes is paprika extract.

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Water, ravioli 29% (complete semolina of hard wheat * 12.5%, water, beef * 4%, bread crumbs * (including GLUTEN), durum wheat semolina * 0.6%, carrots *, salt, onion * 0 , 1%, natural flavor, sunflower oil *), medium-reduced tomato puree * 14%, carrots *, tomato pulp * 3.5%, bovine meat * 3.5%, onions * 1.4%, natural flavors (including CELERI), corn starch, sunflower oil *, salt, garlic * .Vegetable organic beef used: 7.5% of total net weight.Organic beef: EU origin. * Ingredients from agriculture biological.Made in a workshop using: EGG, MILK


Allergens : Gluten – Celery


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