Paella Poultry – Seafood – Chorizo Garbit
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Paella Poultry – Seafood – Chorizo Garbit


Paella Poultry – Seafood – Chorizo Garbit

Box of 940 g

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Paella Poultry – Seafood – Chorizo Garbit

Box of 940 g

Discover all the sunshine of the Paella Poultry Mussels & Chorizo ​​Garbit : its fragrant long rice, its carrots, peas, peppers, its mussels and its chorizo, its cooked broth enhanced by a touch of turmeric.


Additional information

Weight 1100 g

• 1 box of Paella filling 800 g:
Water, bone-in pieces of chicken thigh * 25%, vegetables (carrots, peas, peppers), MOLDS or MUSSELS from the Pacific 10%, chorizo ​​3% (meat and fat from pork *, spices and spice extracts, dextrose, salt, preservatives: sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite), triple tomato concentrate, extra virgin olive oil 0.7%, rapeseed oil 0.7%, salt , natural flavors, thickeners: carob seed flour and guar gum. (percentages expressed on the filling)
• 1 cup of rice 140 g. Traces of BLE.
• 1 sachet of natural spices and ground herbs.
* Origin = European Union


Allergens :
Gluten – Mollusc


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