Salmon Dumplings With Océane Sauce Petitjean

the box of 400 g (225 g net)

This is the year that Mr. Petitjean, maker of fresh quenelles in Lyon, goes to Paris to open a shop rue Pierre Lescot, and presents his new concept: the quenelle canned.
The possibilities of supply which are offered by the proximity of Les Halles, allow it to develop beyond the quenelle by offering a multitude of culinary specialties: cooked dishes, culinary bases, sauces and pâtés.

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Ingredients: Sauce: water, CREAM (stabilizer: E407), tomato concentrate, processed rice starch, MILK powder, processed potato starch, dehydrated SHRIMPS (contains MOLLUSCS), LOBSTER concentrate, dill , salt, aromas.
Dumplings (36%): BLE flour, pork fat, fresh EGGS (13%), SALMON Atlantic and pink SALMON or Pacific keta (13%), water, salt, flavorings.
Pork of European Union origin.

allergens : Pisces / Lactose / Gluten / Shellfish / Mollusc / eggs


To be consumed preferably before the date inscribed on the product ..

After opening, to preserve 48h max with 4 ° C.


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