Burgundy  Snails Larzul
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Burgundy  Snails Larzul


Burgundy  Snails Larzul

the box of 170 g net

Burgundy  Snails Larzul

the box of 170 g net

Burgundy snail meat cooked in court bouillon, to be prepared as you wish.

Collected in the wild, French Gastronomic snails naturally benefit from the most draconian quality controls.

In shell or in a butter caquelon, the snail lends itself to many recipes: quiches, brochettes, casseroles, vol-au-vent, mushroom fricassees …

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Snails of Burgundy
Meat of snails (MOLLUSCS) 'Helix pomatia linné', water, salt, aromatics.
Traces of celery.

allergens : Celery Mollusc


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